Revenue share. Passive income.

With zCOMB, diversify your portfolio with one token and earn a share of revenue of the entire protocol's revenue. Earn passive income and say goodbye to idle money.

DeFi as a service

One token to rule them all

Lock your COMB to receive zCOMB where the longer the locking time, the higher the amount of rewards you receive. Holding zCOMB will allow you to receieve daily rewards in many different blue chip tokens. Earn passive income with one token.

Yield Optimizers

Deposit your LP into our yield optimizers to automatically compound your rewards to maximize your rewards.

Nodes Service

Utilize high quality nodes hosted on a sophisticated load balance infrastructure to maximize block syncing speed.

LP Farms

Earn yields in COMB by staking your LP into COMB LP Farms. All tokens will be redistributed to zCOMB holders.


Helping sustain the fantom network and earning $FTM passively with our very own validator (#93).


Enter our exotic new metaverse to interact with friends or other cryptomates in a whole new light. Wear skins and show off your NFTs.

Blue Chips

All treasury investment strategies will either only be blue chips or stablecoins. These strategies maximize returns over time.